Khaled began practicing Tae Kwon Do, at the gentle urging of his mother, as an effective outlet to release some 10-year old energy.  Fifteen years later he moved to New York and began training in Western Boxing and Muay Thai.  By day, he was in retail sales; by night, he was a fighter and a coach.  But it soon became apparent that fitness was his calling and he turned his passion into his profession.  Applying the core principles of Muay Thai -- focus, determination, and adaptability -- Khaled began the transition from part-time hobby to full-time coach.

The next phase in Khaled's journey was becoming certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  This, in addition to his martial arts background, allowed him to have a more comprehensive approach to training. Over time, he added more certifications: Kettlebell, TRX, Pilates and Nutrition, just to name a few. Anything was game, as long as it served to increase his knowledge and enable him to coach a more well-rounded student. 

In developing his own unique approach to fitness training, Khaled once again sought inspiration from Muay Thai.  Known as the Art of the Eight Limbs, Muay Thai is, at its physical core, the definition of function and adaptation.  When one limb is weak or limited, there are 7 others to defend yourself with.  This concept at the center of Khaled's method of training --- it combines multiple, often-opposing disciplines to create the perfect workout.  Effective and fun, and based on a Muay Thai foundation, KTrain was born!

Today, his expertise is diverse and his training methods reflect this diversity.  KTrain combines functional training, traditional strength training, cardio, martial arts, and nutrition, allowing the body to perform daily activities with ease, fluidity, strength, and confidence.  Khaled designs each program to meet individual goals, whether it is weight loss, strength training, flexibility, or injury recovery.  Workouts focus on target areas, developing core muscles which gradually build to increase strength and muscle definition in way that is self-reinforcing.  The program varies from day-to-day and week-to-week to ensure a holistic approach to fitness that becomes sustainable over time – a real way of life.     

Our bodies are meant to move in multiple directions and planes - rare is the day when we only move forward, without a twist, a turn, a sidestep.  This multi-dimensional approach affords us the opportunity to react and adapt to the sudden and unexpected. Success in a fight, as in life, comes with focus, and honest intentions for the outcome.  Sweat earned on the mat, comes from preparation, thought, action, and intensity. 

 With KTrain you will prepare, focus, think, dive, lunge, punch, kick, and EARN your sweat. 

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